Hálsmen Hjaartalaga bola
Hálsmen Hjaartalaga bola
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Hálsmen Hjaartalaga bola

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A bola pregnancy necklace [babybell] is a beautiful piece of jewellery with a special message. According to an old Mexican tradition a bola pregnancy necklace [babybell] brings happiness, health and prosperity to the mother and here unborn child. The soft sound of the bell would also contribute to a relaxing pregnancy.

Bola pregnancy necklace [babybell] collection, After +/- 5 months of pregnancy, the inner ear of the unborn baby is already developed and is connected to the nervous system. When the expectant mother/father rolls the bell over the belly the baby will here the sound gently and can recognise this after birth, it is a pleasant and soft sound for mother and child.

  • – The materials are all nickel and lead free.
  • – Necklace has a length of +/- 110cm

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