Hálsmen Bola Gemstone bergkristal
Hálsmen Bola Gemstone bergkristal
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Hálsmen Bola Gemstone bergkristal

Verð 6.712 kr Útsöluverð 8.390 kr Einingarverð stk.

MOSS-AGATE is a grounding and stabilizing Stone. De soft and feeding energy brings body, soul and mind back to their natural and equal condition. The stone also helps you to relax.

Physically, each gemstone is a good stone to wear during pregnancy (for both mother and child), because it works protective, stimulates growth and has a beneficial effect on the uterus. Each gem is therefore also very suitable for the breastfeeding period.

A bola pregnancy necklace [babybell] is a beautiful piece of jewellery with a special message. According to an old Mexican tradition a bola pregnancy necklace [babybell] brings happiness, health and prosperity to the mother and here unborn child. The soft sound of the bell would also contribute to a relaxing pregnancy.

Bola pregnancy necklace [babybell] collection, After +/- 5 months of pregnancy, the inner ear of the unborn baby is already developed and is connected to the nervous system. When the expectant mother/father rolls the bell over the belly the baby will here the sound gently and can recognise this after birth, it is a pleasant and soft sound for mother and child.

  • – The materials are all nickel and lead free.
  • – Necklace has a length of +/- 110cm.