Haakaa Glerpeli með hægu flæði gen. 3

Haakaa Glerpeli með hægu flæði gen. 3

Verð 3.714 kr Útsöluverð 6.190 kr Einingarverð stk.

The Haakaa Gen. 3 Glass Baby Bottle (120 ml) is designed to provide the most natural feeding experience possible for you and your baby. The orthodontic thumb-shaped teat mimics the shape of a mother’s nipple during breastfeeding, and the offset position allows you to feed your baby without completely inverting the bottle. The anti-colic vent allows your baby to feed continuously without taking in air bubbles or having to gasp for air between latches. Our glass bottles are made from temperature-resistant borosilicate glass, making them safe to heat and freeze and perfect for storing expressed breast milk!

The Gen. 3 Glass Bottle is ergonomically designed to be held easily and comfortably during feeding. Along with the anti-colic nipple included with this bottle, Haakaa Gen. 3 Glass Bottles are also compatible with the Gen. 3 Sippy Spout and Sealing Disk attachments.

Please note: Always follow your country’s guidelines and recommendations to safely express and store breast milk.